Guest Speakers

  • Anthony Day: Sustainability

    Anthony Day is able to provide talks on the whole field of sustainability including - climate change, energy shortage, strategies for corporate survival and has recently focused on business audiences and the Carbon Reduction Commitment. Each presentation is specific to the occasion which can be facilitating a workshop, leading a webinar, a conference speech or a slide presentation.

    Anthony is a speaker, writer and management accountant and has been interested in environmental issues since he bought The Ecologistís groundbreaking report Blueprint for Survival in 1972 and has released many publications.


  • Cycling education workshop

    Anna Hughes cycled 4000 miles round the coast of Britain in the summer of 2011, and uses this trip to teach children about geography, science, the benefits of physical exercise, and environmental awareness. She can give inspirational talks about the journey, run classroom sessions, or deliver a full or half day of cross-curricular activities. Anna is a trained teacher and has a current CRB check.


  • Dave Hampton: Carbon Coach

    Bring new energy expertise and experience to all things carbon with the help of the winner of Building magazine's Sustainability Leadership award, Dave Hampton, the Carbon Coach.

    Engage Dave to inform and inspire your audience on reducing CO2 footprints and saving money.


  • Donnachadh McCarthy: Green Lifestyle Coach

    Inspirational environmental speaker, workshop facilitator on whole range of eco issues, with speciality on greening personal lifestyles, home and business eco-audits. Personal eco-coaching also available.

    Do you want to have continuing friendly support and advice on tap on how to improve, encourage and monitor your environmental performance?

    Then employing a green lifestyle coach may be the ideal answer for you.


  • Doug King: Sustainable development

    Doug King specialises in sustainable development and innovation in the built environment. He speaks on a wide range of topics impacting on construction from environmental architecture to climate change and peak oil.

    Doug is a consulting engineer and a pioneer in the field of sustainability Doug has been involved in a wide variety of ground breaking buildings in the UK and around the world.


  • Dr Keith Baker: Environmental Speaker

    Enthusiastic speaker, researcher, journalist and campaigner specialising in energy efficiency, renewable energy, climate change, sustainable development, and the environmental impact of technology and electronic waste.

    Have delivered talks on these issues to adults and children, and presentations and workshops on energy to schools.


  • Dr Paul Williams; Climate Change

    Oxford University academic specialising in climate modelling. Can speak authoritatively on all aspects of climate change, including "Will the Gulf Stream Shut Down?" and "Impacts of Climate Change on South-East England". Experienced and engaging speaker.

    Dr Paul Williams has published widely, including a climate change report commissioned by the European Parliament.


  • Duncan Law: Low Carbon Lifestyle

    Duncan campaigns and speaks on Climate Change. He offers a talk on how to count and cut your carbon and why it's important with simple visuals. It covers how much we've got to cut by when - and why - and what that means to you?

    He is an actor, director and campaigner. He has developed a Climate Change Action Programme built around a show for Primary Schools. He works with COIN, Save our World and Campaign against Climate Change.


  • Emma F. Papworth: Climate Change Policy Expert

    Emma Papworth is able to speak on various climate change and environmental issues, including:

    Basics of climate change. Role of corporate responsibility in climate change agenda. NGO and business participation in mitigation and adaptation. Ecosystem services The ecosystem marketplace & challenges Business and ecosystem markets, including the carbon market.


  • Isabel Carlisle: Sustainability for Schools

    Isabel is an educator for eco-literacy who has experience of working in schools and with teachers. Her approach to eco-literacy is to combine the arts and sciences to create bespoke packages for schools that connect to live issues in the local area. Isabel especially focuses on bringing sustainability central to the school curriculum.

    She can also give talks on the environmental challenges of the 21st-century and on the need for re-thinking education in school.


  • James Aldridge: Arts Consultant

    A visual artist and participatory arts consultant, focusing on the role of creative investigation within ecological learning.

    Creates and exhibits sculptural and mixed-media work, runs educational and community projects, and delivers professional development for artists, teachers and community group leaders.


  • James Ross: Sustainable building.

    James Ross is a renown speaker and campaigner with experience in sustainable/green buildings, the use of timber foams and low impact materials. He is also able to talk on other issues including the effect of the built environment on human health and the economy. He emphasizes the fact that by adopting green building strategies, we can maximize both economic and environmental performance.


  • Janet Ullman; Environmental Education

    Freelance Environmental Education faciltitator for schools and community groups, through nature discovery activities, art and craft workshops and field ecology workshops. Contracted by organisations and local authorities to write materials for schools. Consultant on outreach work, working with schools and community projects.


  • Jim Rowland: Sustainability and Climate Change

    Campagning for the use of suatainable bio fuel, conservation of wetlands and grasslands, soils, water, food security, human rights and the limitation of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Jims can provide talks on; Biofuels: what's wrong with present policy?; renewables: what is their potential?; sustainability and climate change; aviation and climate change.


  • Joe Burlington: Climate Change Action

    Joe Burlington is able to provide talks on climate change as he is the Founder and Chairman of South Somerset Climate Action which is working to increase awareness of climate change and accelerate action to limit the causes. This organisation holds monthly public meetings and stages larger local events such as special screenings of the Al Gore film, An Inconvenient Truth.


  • Joe Michaels: Climate Change and Solar Power Speaker

    Talks on climate change - its causes and effects and most importantly solutions as Joe has seen the effects on less developed countries first hand having travelled to over 50 countries. Talks can aslo be done on solar power as Joe has an in depth understanding of the solar industry, including dealing with changing legisalation.


  • John Cossham: Low Carbon Living

    John Cossham is able to provide talks on the following: The basics of climate science, greenhouse effect and human enhancement, carbon cycle and other greenhouse gases. John is also an enthusiastic speaker on climate issues, low carbon living, organic gardening esp composting, waste, energy, etc. John also works as entertainer.


  • Jonathan Essex: Green Future

    Jonathan Essex is able to provide a talks on a variety of topics including; - Climate change, linking climate change to social issues/fear and war on terror/ need for local sustainability/ green energy solutions - Sustainable construction/ development - Moving from personal action to getting political - local sustainability and green energy futures

    Jonathan can also be the 'political' person on a panel/ in a debate to compliment a scientific position, or focus on local recycling and personal actions.

    Member of the Green Economics Institute. Delivered lectures on green futures/ green economics at international conference and academic conferences.


  • Julia Stephenson (Journalist): Green Lifestyle and Rennovation

    Julia Stephenson writes the green lifestyle column, the Green Goddess, in the Independent. She is available as a speaker and journaist. She also writes extensively on environmental subjects for the Evening Standard and the Sunday Times, has published two bestselling novels, Pandoraís Diamond and Chalet Tiara and is now writing her third, The Green Goddess Diaries, based on her environmental escapades in the urban jungle.


  • Juliet Gellatley: Dietary impacts on the Environment

    Founder and director of Viva! (Vegetarian International Voice for Animals) Juliet Gellatley gives public talks on the impact of diet on the environment.

    Juliet has worked with schools, local groups and authorities to bring these issues into the public arena.


  • Justin Hoffman: Climate Change

    Justin Hoffman is able to speak on how individuals and organisations can all combat climate change. The need to be positive (e.g 'An Inconvenient Truth' motivated me and is not just about fear). Justin is able to refer to his travels in Greenland and see how global warming is occurring first hand, which has inspired him on his talks. Justin is also available for sessions and workshops in general laughter and dance. Available for talks and workshops in English, French and Russian and as an interpreter to other speakers.


  • Mervin Howse: Environmental Conservation

    Mervin Howse is able to conducts talks and slide shows about environmental conservation based on his experience from working with the Steward community woodland - a sustainable working woodland and conservation project in Dartmoor.


  • Michael Dees: Climate Change

    Using clear graphics and images, Michael Dees is able to convey the complexities of Climate Change and Peak Oil in easily understandable language.

    Whether you need a presentation, an interactive workshop, a facilitator or a panelist all the way up to full day or weekend training sessions, Michael can deliver a tailored package to suit your needs.

    An environmental educator at EcoLocal since 2005, Michael is a co-founder of Sustainable Merton.


  • Michael Norton:Small Ideas and Action Provoking Expert

    Michael Norton will speak on how to change the world, basing his talk on case studies of ordinary people who have done extraordinary things to make a difference, and showing how small actions to start with can can change your attitudes and inspire you to go out and do much more. Additional talks include; fundraising made easy, going carbon neutral, social entrepreneurship and empowering and supporting young people to create change.

    Author of 365 Ways to Change the World, an best-selling book which gives people one issue and a number of small actions for each day of the year.


  • Mischa Hewitt: Sustainable Living

    An environmental campaigner for sustainable building, earthships, renewable power, use of rain water and low impact materials to control carbon emissions.

    Previous work includes exhibition at the big green gathering andworked with the low carbon network in Brighton.


  • Naresh Giangrande: Sustainable Living

    Naresh Giangrande provides lectures and workshops on environmental issues centred around how to change our lives to live more environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling lives. The talks cover peak oil, Transition Town Totness and Ecology where a mix of visual information and experiential exercises are used to both inform and engage the audience.

    Naresh is the director and co founder of the innovative Transition Town Totnes.


  • Polly Higgins: International Environmental Lawyer

    Polly Higgins, author of Eradicating Ecocide, barrister and international environmental lawyer proposed to the United Nations in April 2010 a law of Ecocide to be classed as an international law alongside Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, Crimes of Aggression and War Crimes as a 5th Crime Against Peace.


  • Rachel West: Creativity in the Workplace

    The Engineer Who Ran Away to the Circus - Rachel is able to provide creativity in the workplace for innovation and sustainability. Consulting, workshops, motivational speaking and physical theatre - can also be given, sometimes all at once!

    Previous work has entailed; Strategy and change in social enterprise, the public sector and making things happen in the engineering sector. Also Addressed The Westminster Briefing alongside Tim Campbell.


  • Rajay Naik

    An inspirational and highly talented young speaker with an incredible series of achievements locally, nationally and internationally. Asked to speak at major international events to audiences of thousands, this engaging young man has an incredibly motivating life story and can speak to a range of audiences.


  • Richard Holmes: Carbon Management Advisor

    An experienced Carbon Management advisor since the early 1990‚ Richard provides an advisory service for individuals and organisations with regard to climate change by presentations and workshops on climate change, energy efficiency, renewable energy

    He has travelled the UK and EU running presentations/seminars, is a registered Low Carbon Consultant, a Member of the Energy Institute and IEMA and a Chartered Environmentalist.


  • Ru Harley: Eco-Homes and Sustainable Living

    Ru Harley is working towards affordable eco-homes and sustainable buildings. She is able to provide talks on eco-homes which includes balancing environmental performance with the need for a high quality of life and a safe and healthy internal environment.

    Ru is also able to provide displays and workshops, and has previously worked with The Big Green Gathering.


  • Sally Reith: Fair Trade

    Sally Reith focuses on fairtrade and is available to speak at both formal and informal events. Sally is to keen increase awareness of fairtrade issues and offer practical ways for people to get invovled.


  • Shaun Chamberlin - Climate change and Peak Oil

    Shaun Chamberlin can give talks and presentations on peak energy, climate change, carbon rationing and/or the intersection between all three. The talks are friendly and have a accessible presentation style, encouraging questions and challenges.

    Some of Shauns previous works' include; speaking for various audiences including Transition Towns and the World Development Movement.


  • Somit Krishna Dev Durman

    working on natural resource management/forest/climate change/rural livelihoods through forestry processes in Central province of India, intersted for experience sharing


  • Speaker on corporations & CSR

    An experienced campaigner, speaker and workshop leader on multinationals, can speak and run workshops on the social and environmental aspects of corporations, corporate social responsibility.


  • Storm Poorun: Environmental Law

    Storm Poorun is able to provide talks and Legal Advice workshops on Environmental Law and Land Rights.

    Storm works' include him establishing The Olan Trust in order to promote ecology and campaign for environmental and social sustainability across Britain.


  • Terena Plowright: Sustainability

    Terena has entertained and informed a whole range of audiences in subjects as diverse as Woodfuel, Sustainability, and Sheepdog Training. Her lifestyle and manner make the talks inspirational, and people leave an event feeling motivated.

    Terena has been involved with environmental events for 20 years. She is Centre Manager of The Sustainbility Centre, Director of Wood4Heat, Leader of the Greening Campaign and Director of the South Downs Natural Burial Site.


  • Tim Pullen: Eco Speaker/Expert

    Tim Pullen is an Eco homes assessor, Eco-editor for Homebuilding & Renovating magazine and regularly presents seminars and master classes on Eco-design and ecological house building. Tim specialises in this area by commenting on how to make your home and new builds energy efficient - whether it is aimed at the builders directly or the home owner.

    He has also published a book called Simply Sustainable Homes - A nonsense guide to Green Building.


  • Veena Vasista: Social Policy and Innovation Speaker/Consultant

    Veena Vasista focuses on supporting organisations to design and deliver inspiring events, therefore as a speaker she talks about developing individual creative human potential and strengths-based community development.

    Previous work includes Learning Circle Facilitator for Community-based advocates (Washington D.C.) and Facilitator for DayCare Trust Away Days.


  • Veronica Broomes: Sustainability

    Veronica Broomes is able to provide a variety of talks and workshops which cover; Sustainable Communities - How and for Whom? Ways to reduce energyand waste management, business and environment - sustainability audits for higher profits, greening supply chains, the business snooker approach and engaging ethnic minorities on Sustainability Issues.

    Veronica works as a freelancer with environmental and engineering organisations on sustainability and environment issues. She has experience in engaging stakeholders in public consultations and businesses owners/managers, both in the UK and abroad.


  • Victoria Hurth - Motivational Environmental Speaker

    Victoria can provide motivational talks and workshops with academic rigor. These talks take people away from the day to day where change can seem impossible, and contexutalises our lives in a way where sustainabilty issues become clearer and where we are the heros waiting to happen.

    Some of her previous work include various research conferences such as the International Sustainable Development Research Conference and numerous talks and workshops for CAFOD.