Digital Meeting Tools


An entire day devoted to helping you discover new and exciting virtual meeting tools to enliven your online groups. The session integrates online facilitation techniques with digital tools available in Zoom and third-party apps. The day will help make your sessions interactive, inclusive and productive. It’s jam-packed with demonstrations and “try-it out” sessions – plus essential post-course resources.

This introductory course offers you the opportunity to grow your confidence to encourage engagement, participation and productivity.

There’ll be discussion and guidance on the different opportunities and challenges for online meetings, training, consulations and groups. You’ll take part in a range of engaging exercises and get feedback from expert trainers and peers. Together we’ll also help you build your own personalised action plan.

This course will cover

  • How to use tools effectively and in different ways
  • The pros & cons of third party apps
  • Advantages and challenges of online meetings
  • How to warm up & create equality of contribution
  • Fast ice-breakers, paired sharing & break out rooms
  • How to “go round the circle”: when there is no circle or there “seems to be” too many people.
  • Gather opinions & encourage sharing in small/larger groups
  • Identify consensus and agree actions

Online tools we may include:

  • A selection of online tools
  • Zoom’s Breakout Rooms
  • Zoom’s Chat, Reactions and Polls
  • Mentimeter
  • Jamboard
  • Miro
  • Slido
  • Trello

What you will do

  • Find out what’s possible and what tools are available
  • Learn how to use them effectively and in different ways
  • Understand the concepts of setting them up
  • Experience dynamic exercises and group discussions
  • Learn from each other and from the trainer’s experience
  • Talk through your own experiences and get feedback
  • Come away feeling energised and ready to empower the online world!

Who should attend this course?

This course will benefit anyone working with groups of people online in formal or informal settings. It is intended for anyone who is experiencing the growing demand for effective online meetings, workshops and events – and is keen to build on their skills as an online facilitator of meetings and groups.

Meet the trainer

Massimo Giannuzzi

Massimo is a computer consultant, IT trainer and Zoom consultant, with over 40 years experience in IT, group work, communication skills and coaching. Using Zoom he has supported meetings, presentations, workshops, performances and large multi-session, multi-day conferences.
He works at all stages: the design of events; training presenters; setting up registration systems; monitoring events and participants; facilitating sessions; and post-event (recordings, video editing and event statistics and mailing lists).

His particular interest with Zoom is adding extra value to events by finding innovative ways to get people more involved and encourage behaviours such as creativity, interaction and networking.


Thinking bigger?

Bespoke versions of this course can be delivered at a date and locaton to suit you. Find out more about our bespoke and in-house training or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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