Talk Action is now one of the leading suppliers of specialist community engagement training in the UK and Ireland.
We have trained over 3000 people in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Italy.

We train staff from charities, the public sector, social enterprises and independent consultants.

Now delivering live & fully interactive courses online - including 'in-house/bespoke' training for staff working from home'

Upcoming courses



- Engaging Communities in Climate Change, Tuesday 21st April 2020, Now Online - live & fully interactive

- Engaging Communities in Climate Change, London, Wednesday 7th October 2020

- Community Engagement Training, Tuesday 13th October 2020

- Media Training, London, Tuesday 17th November, 2020

- Social Media Training, London, Wednesday 18th November 2020

- Volunteer Management Training, London Thursday 26th November 2020

- Facilitation Training, Tuesday, 1st December 2020

- Advanced Facilitation Training, Tuesday 10th November 2020


- Advanced Facilitation Training, Wednesday 22nd April 2020, Now Online - live & fully interactive

- Social Media Training, Edinburgh, Tuesday 6th October 2020

- Media Training, Edinburgh, Wednesday 7th October 2020

- Engaging Communities on Climate Change (New Course), Edinburgh, Wednesday 14th October 2020

- Facilitation Training Edinburgh, Thursday 15th October 2020

- Volunteer Management Training, Edinburgh – Wednesday 16th November 2020.

- Community Engagement Training, Edinburgh, Thursday 17th November

- Advanced Facilitation Training, Edinburgh, Tuesday 24th November 2020

Bespoke & In-House Training

As well as regular public courses, we also deliver bespoke courses for your organisation. This can include real-life case studies and really get to the heart of your training needs.

Our facilitators are experts in their fields and work on the ground for community organisations, local authorities and major international charities. This expertise ensures our training is constantly updated to respond to your organisation’s needs and to current legislation.

Bespoke Training

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Bespoke courses are delivered directly to your organisation making sure every element fits your specific requirements. You can book one of our public courses or merge the content of several courses together or have an entirely new day developed.

Included with our bespoke training package:

  • Pre-course meeting to discuss requirements of your organisation.
  • Training for 5-30 people (one to one sessions can also be supplied)
  • Course packs including resources and fact sheets.
  • Post-course feedback (directly with trainer).
  • Continued support for trainees after the course date.
  • Training can be done in-house, your local venue or at our London training centre.

To request a quote for bespoke training please fill out this form or email

a community training meeting

Community Training:

  • Working with Communities
    Learn how to define, engage and inspire your local communities and partner organisations. This course will teach you how to develop projects, deal with complicated situations, work with diverse communities and how to evaluate your outcomes.

  • Events Management (Community Events & Engagement)
    A course that combines a practical guide to events management and working with local communities. Why put on an event 'for' a community when you can work 'with' your chosen group in an exciting and dynamic way. Course includes planning, health & safety, marketing and budgeting - Plus co-production techniques, recruiting volunteers and keeping people involved. Note - can be delivered as purely events management training.

  • Consensus Decision Making: Making Group Decisions that Work
    This training day will give you a theoretical framework for thinking about consensus decision-making (CDM), but it is above all practical. You will be presented with two contrasting approaches to CDM, so that you can understand both the similarities and the differences and work out which aspects of each one suit your needs and resources.

  • Facilitation Training
    Gain the tools and techniques to make your facilitation engaging and dynamic. This course will build the confidence of anyone keen to be a good facilitator by teaching you the relevant approaches, how to deal with problematic situations and how to work with a range of diverse communities.

  • Media Training for Charities, NGOs and Community Groups (London)
    Learn the best way to get your message across. Discover the mechanics of the media, writing and interview skills, media schedules and how to improve your organisation’s media effectiveness.

  • Media Training for Charities, NGOs and Community Groups (Edinburgh)
    Learn the best way to get your message across. Discover the mechanics of the media, writing and interview skills, media schedules and how to improve your organisation’s media effectiveness.

  • Volunteer Management Training
    This course makes recruitment, management and, most importantly, engagement of volunteers easy. It encourages you to look closely at the motivations of volunteers and the organisations that use them. The day draws on contemporary approaches including co-production and the use of non-hierarchical teams to help you and your volunteers get the most from the relationship.

  • Campaigning & Lobbying
    Participants will gain the skills to successfully lobby national politicians and their advisors. You will learn how to influence the political process and decision making on behalf of your respective organisation. Included in this course, or as an entirely separate module if you require more depth, is a guide to campaign strategy and delivery.

Environmental Training

  • Climate Change: Effective Communication
    Learn about target audiences, key drivers, current segmentation methodology, how to communicate with people in different situations, ways to answer difficult questions and what good communication means in a climate context.

  • Engaging Communities on Energy and Climate Change
    This course will teach you to assess and understand the demographics of an area and implications of these figures for your work. Learn the relevant legislation, identify funding and resource streams, and develop an engagement plan to ensure participation.

  • Environmental Sustainability in the Workplace
    A practical and comprehensive training day to help your organisation make real efficiency savings, engage with staff and stakeholders to improve the environmental impact of your workplace.

  • Working with the Media on Environmental Issues
    Learn the best way to get your environmental message across and how the public respond to such vast topics as climate change. Discover the secrets of the media, writing and interview skills, media schedules and how to improve your organisation’s media effectiveness.

  • Green Champions for your Organisation
    This course combines elements of climate change communication, efficiency in the workplace, relevant legislation, engaging fellow staff members and tips on how to become a successful green champion for your organisation.

  • Communicating Renewable Energy
    A course designed to make you feel confident about communicating all aspects of renewable energy systems, answering critical questions, making decisions about installing systems and understanding the relevant funding regimes.

  • Climate change communication module for colleges and universities
    This module introduces students to both theoretical and practical aspects of communicating environmental issues, particularly climate change, to various stakeholders including the public, the business sector and politicians. It provides a relevant and practical background when considering the scientific and social challenges of communicating to various stakeholders on environmental issues and is ideal for those interested in a career in the public sector, government, NGOs or SMEs.

face to face facilitation training

Facilitation Service

If your organisation or group needs to plan for the future, make an important structural decision, resolve a conflict, or simply be more creative with its thinking, then why not book one our facilitators. One of our experts can come for an hour, a day or on a regular basis to enable more productive meetings and planning.

To book a facilitator please contact