A fantastic course that gives you the skills and techniques to make decisions that reflect and involve the views of a whole community

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"Possitive & dynamic - excellent!"
Hermione Brightwell, London Borough of Sutton Council

Perry Walker

Facilitated by:

Perry Walker

Perry is an experienced facilitator and trainer. He developed Crowd Wise, a method of Consensus Decision Making, while he was Head of Democracy and Participation at NEF (New Economics Foundation). Organisations with whom he has used Crowd Wise include Urban Forum, AFC Wimbledon, Transition Lewes and the Fair Trade Foundation.

Perry has developed a number of other participatory processes, including Democs conversation kits and Open Up argument maps. Perry is now a fellow of the NEF.

Matthew Herbert

Matthew Herbert

Matthew has been using consensus in a variety of settings for the past 18 years, and facilitating consensus courses for the past 10.  He's supported groups of many kinds in its use - from co-operatives and co-housing projects to campaigning NGOs and community activist networks. He's facilitated consensus decision-making meetings with groups of 5 to 500 and co-authored several guides to using consensus.

Matthew has worked with Scarman Trust, Campaign against the Arms Trade, Centre for Alternative Technology, Friends of the Earth, housing co-operatives such as Two Piers Co-op and Argyle Street Co-op, the Camp for Climate Action, Transition Towns and the Woodcraft Folk.

Making decisions is an essential part of any organisation. Whether you are a charity, community group or organisation involving staff, stakeholders or members - solid decisions are key to your success. If you’re working with 5 or 1500 people you need to be able to harness the knowledge and imagination of everyone to make quality decisions that stick.

This course will help you to take decisions in a way that is constructive and collaborative, that reflect the values and knowledge of everyone, and which build a greater sense of ownership of the final outcomes.

This training day will give you a theoretical framework for thinking about consensus decision-making (CDM), and the practical skills you need to put it into practice. You will be presented with two contrasting approaches to CDM so that you can decide which aspects of each one fit your needs and resources.

The day combines presentations, experiential sessions, group discussions and real life case studies.

The training session will provide:

  • The background to consensus decision-making
  • The values that underpin consensus
  • Common obstacles to effective consensus and techniques for how they can be avoided or dealt with
  • Practical techniques for you to develop your own method
  • Detailed case studies that show how the techniques are used
  • A “consensus clinic” where you work out how to use CDM in your organisation or community.
  • Electronic resources to reinforce what you have learned

Course outcomes

  • Fuller understanding of what consensus decision-making is and is not
  • Clear techniques you can apply immediately
  • A sense of where and how they could be applied in your organisation

Who should attend this course?

Anyone that wants to fully engage their staff, members, stakeholders or the wider community in the decision making process.
Organisations already using CDM include: charities, businesses, campaign groups, NGOs, housing associations, community groups, the United Nations and even football clubs.


£489: Corporations and Large Businesses
£363: Large charities, public sector and businesses
£242: Smaller Charities (under 15 staff) and self-funded individuals.

Concessionary rates are available for students, pensioners and the unemployed. Please contact us at jelliott@talkaction.org for further details.

Tailored courses can be arranged for groups at a date and location to suit you.

Prices include a hot Mediterranean buffet lunch, Fair Trade refreshments and networking time.

For bookings and information please contact Jonathan on:
Tel: 0207 324 4774
Email: jelliott@talkaction.org


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A great day of learning, thought provoking ideas and networking
Kay Richardson
Guildford Council
What I really liked about consensus voting is that it allows people to keep moving forward together
James Mathie
Supporters Direct, AFC Wimbledon