About us

Talk Action is a community development and training organisation which helps bring brilliant causes to life.

What we are

We’re a values-led organisation and a leader in supporting charities, public sector bodies, community groups and social enterprises to maximise their capacity and achieve their development goals.

Founded in 2006 by Jonathan Elliot, Talk Action has grown into a heavyweight collective of expert facilitators, researchers, community events managers and programme specialists bound by an objective to facilitate effective social change.

Our guiding philosophy is one that challenges the status-quo whether at work or in your communities. We do this by examining hierarchies, privilege, societal inequalities and assumed power structures.

Drawing on the worlds of political activism, alternative communities & social justice movements, our professional training programmes take radical ideas and bring them to life.

Operating throughout the UK, the organisation strives to up-skill communities and sector professionals and ensure their chosen cause creates maximum impact.

How we do it…

  1. Professional training programmes
  2. Community projects & events
  3. Consultancy

Through interactive expert one-off training days and longer-term consultancy work, we work to develop professional skills in topics such as Press and MediaVolunteer Management, Events Management, Facilitation and Social Media.

Our community projects work to empower those most in need and from deprived areas. We work with people to increase their skills, confidence and connections to their communities. Participants move on to find jobs, further education and volunteering opportunities.

Previous projects include

Our trainers are selected for their sector experience, depth of knowledge and commitment to social purpose. By imparting their wisdom through engaging and interactive sessions, they have helped over 3000 change-makers to optimise their communications, organisational structures, innovation methods and services.

Experience Learning

We believe that how you learn is as important as what you learn and so our trainers create programmes that are fully interactive, and participant led.

Dynamic agendas ensure that content is tailored to the needs of delegates, maximising learning opportunities and helping individuals to develop relevant sills, share experiences and explore new ways of working.

We call this ‘Experience Learning’.

Who we work with…

We’ve worked with grassroots groups and freelancers all the way up to major organisations, including the BBC, Westminster Council, Greenpeace, Scottish Government, Amnesty, GLA and the NHS.

What it costs

We provide flexible rates depending on your budget. We put 'people before profit' so are always happy to help when we can.

If you or your team want to develop the right skills to ensure your cause is hitting the mark, then get in touch.