Advanced Facilitation Training


A challenging day that looks deeply at group dynamics and the role you play as a facilitator both online & face-to-face. This course helps facilitators deal with power, conflict & big personalities!

"'Excellent day...realistic tools to deal with real, every-day situations'  "

Stefania Battistelli (Save the Children)

A unique day of interactive and participatory learning to build your confidence as a facilitator or workshop leader.

In this training, you’ll be challenged, engaged, and hopefully excited while experiencing the power of deep facilitation. While this is a day of learning, it is also time for you to think about your work and share your experiences. You’ll be asked to analyse difficult situations and come up with your own solutions!

You will also develop your skills and attitudes as a facilitator in working with diverse groups and using participatory processes whether online or face to face. We’ll look at what it means to be in the mindset of a facilitator rather than to just ‘do facilitation’.

The day will include:

  • What it means to be a facilitator
  • Online vs face-to-face group work
  • How to support groups to recognise and work with their power dynamics
  • Understand and deal with ‘problem’ behaviour
  • Cultivate empathy and the appreciation of differences
  • How to frame a group’s needs
  • Using questions effectively to draw out the experience of a group
  • Using non-hierarchal processes

What this course isn’t…

What this course doesn’t cover is the more practical ‘tools & techniques’ for running meetings, workshops, etc. If that’s what you’re looking for then please see our other ‘Facilitation Training’ course.

"Enjoyable and interactive event with lots of opportunities to reflect"

Tonyeh Vincent (NHS)

Who should attend this course?

The event will benefit anyone working with groups of people in the role of facilitator/workshop leader both online & face-to-face.  Although it does help to have some facilitation experience to draw upon, the day will also help the novice wanting to start out with a deep grounding in group dynamics.

"‘Very useful & insightful’"

Mary Church (Friends of the Earth Scotland)

Course resources

Meet the trainer

Perry Walker

Perry is an innovator of participatory methods that anyone can use. He led the development of Democs, a conversation game enabling small groups to explore complex policy issues like climate change or nanotechnology, to shape and share opinions, and to provide feedback for policymakers. Until 2011, he was head of the Democracy and Participation programme at NEF.

More recently, he created Open Up!, an ‘argument map’ that provides a structured way of setting out arguments on an issue. He is currently evolving Policy Slam!, a workshop format incorporating the consensus voting method. He has also designed and facilitated numerous participatory projects including: future search conferences; Imagine, a workshop-based visioning process using appreciative story-telling; and the People’s Café project, discussion cafes for a range of people, including those with learning difficulties.

Perry has MAs in economics from Cambridge and from Birkbeck. He is on the board of Involve.


Thinking bigger?

Bespoke versions of this course can be delivered at a date and locaton to suit you. Find out more about our bespoke and in-house training or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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