Engaging Communities on Climate Change


A fantastic day dedicated to you, your community and climate change.

Climate change and the ‘climate emergency’ are high on many agendas, but it can be a real struggle to get people to discuss and engage with these issues and ultimately take action.

Whether you are an individual, or an organisation looking to reach out to members, staff, local people, other stakeholders – this course will teach you how to overcome their concerns and ultimately enable them to act on climate change.Attendees will gain invaluable new skills and knowledge needed in the long-term engagement of civil society organisations, groups and individuals in work on reducing their carbon footprint, energy issues and zero-carbon living. As part of our ‘Experience Learning’ programme, group exercises – linked to situations raised by participants, will enable attendees to share ideas and learn for each other’s experiences.

People attending this course will learn:

  • Climate change and the ‘climate emergency’
  • Latest behavioural change and climate communications theories
  • What makes people act and change
  • Awareness to action
  • Working with unengaged groups
  • Positive dialogues in the workplace and the community
  • Framing and communicating – The right message for the situation
  • Developing and delivering an engagement plan

"Informative with new ideas and techniques to take forward."

Evangeline Wood

Who should attend the training?

The course is designed for climate and energy staff, community workers, organisers, consultants and activists. It covers approaches to work with both enthusiastic and less engaged communities. All participants will have time to work on developing their own sustainability action plans to help their work after the course.

  • Climate and energy workers looking to engage audiences within or beyond a workplace
  • Public sector staff and local councillors looking to develop outreach and local action
  • Staff and volunteers in environmental and climate focused organisations

"Very useful in relation to making us think about the issues and the communication approaches required."

Liz McBain, British Council

Course resources

Meet the trainer

Chris Church

Chris has been working professionally in the environmental & climate sector for over twenty years. He has delivered consultancy and training on climate communication for Talk Action to among others - Defra, The Environment Agency, Westminster Council, The European Commission, Friends of the Earth, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Groundwork, The Wildlife Trust, Natural England and the National Housing Federation. In fact there are very few organisations, community groups and national bodies that Chris hasn’t worked with in one capacity or another.

One of Chris’s main focuses in recent years has been enthusing those so called ‘hard-to-reach’ groups and disengaged – with great success across the UK!


Thinking bigger?

Bespoke versions of this course can be delivered at a date and locaton to suit you. Find out more about our bespoke and in-house training or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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